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March 3rd is Girl's Day in Japan to celebrate for us girls in any ages with some special Japanese feast and delicacies. We also set up "Ohina-sama", the dolls in traditional Japanese imperial Kimono style. "Ohina-sama" always at least comes as a couple, a princess and her gloom, a prince so as to a girl can meet her price charming one day to get happily married.

Since I left my "Ohina-sama" back in Japan at my mother's house, I decided to paint them with bear characters. It cheered up our tropical house in Malaysia. And as a customary, we would offer some delicacies consist of 3 colors of pink, white and green.

I've made one traditional and one creative delicacies offering to "Ohina-sama".

Usually, we buy this already-made "Hina-arare" from a store but here in Malaysia, there is no chance to find one. Instead, I made it from scratch.

A bowl of short grain rice is the main ingredient. I washed the rice and dried them in the low-heated oven at 60℃ with its door slightly open for 3 hours. Occasionally I turn them upside down so that they could be completely dry.

Then after heating grapeseed oil in a small pan, I fried the dried rice until they puffed up, I scooped them up and drained excess oil on kitchen papers.

Followed by this step, I made a syrup with beet root juice, normal and green tea individually and coated puffed rice with syrup by cooking them with 3 different colored syrups. Done!

I also made three-colored steamed cakes.

Girl's Day is something special for girls in any ages. I've prepared a special lunch for our guest.

A typical feast for Girl's Day which includes

 Chirashi-zushi. It's a homemade sushi with some vegetables and salmon flakes in my case decorated with cooked prawns, snap peas, fried egg strips and shredded Nori.

These flat looking dumplings are soft and flavorful with a mixture of minced prawns and graded mountain yam cooked in simmering water. These dumplings are called "Ebi-Shinjo". Once the dumplings were done, I prepared the sauce with dried bonito soup base with some Mirin (sweet sake), soy sauce and a pinch of salt. After this was done, then I put Ebi-shinjo in the sauce topped with grated Daikon and finely chopped green onions. 

This savory egg custard is warm when it's served. I have hard time to find ingredients to put in, so I used some mushrooms, chopped spinach, and tiny sliced carrots, diced prawns and fish balls.

Finally, the soup was somehow different from what I've created for Girl's Day. Actually, my husband made it with French-style Bisque soup stock and parsnips with a touch of fresh cream.

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