Roselle and Watermelon Jelly Dessert

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I created this dessert after successfully making a homemade Roselle enzyme. I got edible flowers from GK Organic Farm in Bangi just outside of Kuala Lumpur. And at the farm, I’ve learned how to use Tahini paste to incorporate in desserts. Tahini can be used not only for cooking but also for making desserts!

(The dark red bell-shaped fruit is Roselle)
Roselle enzyme is sweet and a bit pungent with a hint of wild green grass scent. Roselle is a plant from a hibiscus family and it is full of vitamin C.
This is one of our favorite drinks which is made with Roselle enzyme syrup, water and a squeeze of lime juice.

I put peeled Rambutan (white fruits) with passion fruit and edible flowers for decoration.

Malaysian Rambutan is in season now.

The bottom part jelly is Roselle and ginger flavor. The top jelly is watermelon with a dash of cinnamon powder.

I used agar-agar for Roselle and ginger so that it hardened quickly. The watermelon flavor jelly was hardened by gelatin so that we could enjoy both different consistency. An agar-agar jelly is firmer than a gelatine jelly.

The thick sauce in the middle is made with cream cheese, Tahini paste, honey, lime juice and passion fruit. It tasted like a cheese cake!
This dessert was light and fruity just perfect for a hot summer day. Yummy!

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    1. I'm doing it, Kaori. If you search me under Rose Purcell, you'll find me. lol


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