Belated 2017 New Year wishes!

3:05:00 AM

It has been such a long time since I'd updated previously. Anyway, we have celebrated our new year with the traditional Japanese new year feast called “Osechi”. We both have prepared this feast for a couple of days.

I just list some photos only. Explaining these will take too long a time, so here is some photos.

These items are supposed to eat cold which would last for several days in a fridge so that housewives don’t need to get up to prepare meals for a while during a new year time. In Japan, it means the first 3 days of January.

The only exception is making “Ozouni” which is a hot soup with “mochi (rice cakes)”. Each region has its own version of “Ozouni” in Japan. This one I made was a Kansai style with a white miso base.

Itadaki-masu! Bon Apetit!

2017 is passing so fast as well. It’s almost a half of February passing through! This year has started from a week trip to two islands for us.  And the Chinese New Year just passed by and St. Valentine day is on the heels.

It seems like each year passes so fast as I age… darn it!

I want to make sure that by recording some of my prepared meals and pastries on this blog keeps me on the right track.

BTW, these were our new year desserts.

In Malaysia where we are living currently, it's hard to find different varieties of temperate zone flowers.  But as edible flowers, we can find some pansies and marigold, etc. at super

So, off to go. I should keep this blog going regularly.

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