Beef Brisket and Yummy Soft Corn Bread

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I used to live in the US for such a long time from age of 15 until I moved to France in order to attend Le Cordon Bleu for getting a pastry diploma. So, I miss "American food" once in a while; even writing so now makes me crave for another all-American , meat loaf!

When we went to a super market nearby the other day, we browsed through the meat section and found a nice flank of beef. Without a hesitation, I grabbed and put it in our shopping cart intending making beef brisket.

Before making it, I skimmed through my recipe notebook to see if I have a good recipe for brisket. Voila! I found it, though I’ve noticed that I didn’t have red wine which was an important ingredient. I didn’t want to go shopping again. So, I asked myself, “What can I do? Any solution!?”

Well, wine can be like a vinegar when it is not so good,; or rather quite often, quickly made wine like Beaujolais Nouveau can be quite acidity. Therefore, I thought I could use apple cider vinegar as a substitution. Why apple vinegar? Because organic apple cider is made of natural “mother” which is alive and further fermentation occurs. Besides, both wine and apple cider vinegar are made from fruits, and furthermore, apple can be used to make alcohol, too.

As for my mental note, I list my recipe as following:

*** Beef Brisket (for 2-3 persons):


Garlic ……. 1 clove (chopped)

Salt ……. A little

Rosemary ……. 1 branch (or 1/2 tablespoonful of Coriander Seeds)

Olive oil ……. 1/8C

Black pepper (grinded) ……. A little

Carrot……. 1 (cut in chunks)

Celery……. 1 (Here, I used 4~5 small beets, chopped)

Onion……. 1 (cut in chunks)

Apple cider vinegar……. 1/2C (Or Red Wine)

Canned tomatoes……. 1 (Or can be substituted by 3 fresh tomatoes, chopped)

Parsley……. 2-3 branches

Bay leaf……. 1

Soy sauce……. 1 Tbs.

Worcestershire sauce……. 1 Tbs.

Brown sugar……. 1/2 to 1Tbs.

Beef flank……. 300-500g

(No.4 photo is a vegetable side dish)

1.    Sprinkle salt and pepper on beef flank and sauté the meat in a heated skillet with olive oil. Brown all sides of flank. Keep the sautéed oil for frying vegetables.

2.    In a pan, pour the reserved oil from the skillet, and fry garlic and the other vegetables. Then add the sautéed beef, canned tomatoes, and the rest of the ingredients. Boil on medium heat, skim the bubbles and then reduce to low heat, and cook covered about 1~2 hours.

3.    Afterwards, pour everything into a deep casserole dish covering the top with tin foil. Cook another 1 hour in the oven at 180C or 370F.

The longer you cook the tender the beef becomes, as you may know.

It was really delicious! My husband is a professional chef for many years starting his career in France and then now in Malaysia teaching French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Malaysia. It was such a coincidence for him to take a teaching position at the same school I used to be a student, although he teaches here in Malaysia, not in Paris.

Anyway, he uttered how good this beef brisket was! So, I can say that it is a truly delicious recipe!

Accompanied with beef brisket, I made a vegetable side dish.

Small tomatoes and chopped Portobello mushrooms are stir-fried in olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, dried oregano, Balsamic vinegar and parsley.

Aside with these, I made a butch of corn bread to go with. It was heavenly good, in fact even for the following days, it was still soft and moist. I love to spread butter on it and eat. It’s just a treat to have wonderful corn bread which reminds me of happy lazy summer days in the US.

Also I list the recipe here below. It’s really simple. You just mix everything and bake in oven!

*** Yummy Corn Bread (1 loaf):


Unsalted butter….. 133g (softened and whipped)

Sugarcane sugar……. 110g

Honey……. 25g

Eggs……. 2

Whole Milk……. 145g

Vinegar……. 13g

Coconut Milk……. 82g

Baking soda……. 1/2Tsp.

Salt……. 1/2Tsp.

Corn Meal……. 150g

Flour……. 128g (Shifted)

Butter slightly the mold and line a baking paper. Set the oven at 180C or 370F.

Combine whole milk, vinegar and coconut milk together and mix. Set aside. Softly mix all the dried ingredients in a bowl. In a different bowl, mix well softened butter with sugar and honey. Add eggs one at a time mixing them completely.

Whisk mixed milk and vinegar mixture and then incorporate dried ingredients using a whisk just until moistened.

Pour the dough in the prepared mold. Bake in pre-heated oven for 45 minutes or until done.


You can serve it when it’s warm but you need to be careful when you take corn bread out from the mold. When it’s still warm, it may not be firm enough.

This corn bread is even good after 2 days! It’s amazing!

Gochi-so-sama (Thank you for food) for a good meal!

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