Supposed to be a yummy & healthy Tahini Cheesecake

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My profession is supposed to be a pastry chef, so I can make any kind of pastries; however, it has been a while since I’ve lost a passion over pastry-making. One big reason is that sweet things will not do anything good on my body but rather harmful in a long run. BUT I still crave for sweet things every day and I need something sweet to pacify my sweet tooth. I opt for some chocolate bar which is easy to get and I become undoubtedly satisfied.
And of course, I really want to make something new all the time. Nowadays, it’s cooking for me. But once in a blue moon, I want to make a cake or two. My guilt-ridden mind told me to make something healthy, so I made a cheesecake in healthy version using Tahini paste.

I thought “non-hulled” Tahini would be healthier, though “non-hulled” means that it makes Tahini paste bitter than “hulled”. I licked Brown Tahini which I found so bitter!
Besides, I was brave enough to use only sugar cane juice and honey to substitute sugar. It was wishy-washy thinking that they were sweet enough to camouflage brown Tahini’s bitterness. Well, they did it in a certain degree. On the other hand, it was simply bitter!
I used cream cheese, brown Tahini, sugar cane juice, honey, Crème fraiche, gelatin leaves, Greek yogurt and local limes.

It looks good and pretty with edible flowers and peaches.
But I knew it tasted bitterer than a normal cheesecake would taste.

I managed to eat one piece with Roselle enzyme syrup sauce. I pretended it was nothing wrong with it.

As soon as my husband took a bite, he simply mumbled “It’s biter! What have you put in it!?” While I explained my intention to make a healthy cake, he just said “USE SUGAR! It doesn’t kill you.”
The funny thing is that the following day the cheesecake tasted less bitter and milder than the day before.

Anyway, later I’ve learned white Tahini (hulled) is less bitter and for pastry-making, it’s better to use White Tahini.
I would definitely make Tahini cheesecake again to perfect the recipe.

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  1. Congratulations on starting English blog! You are really strong minded person and make your dream comes true! I do admire you! Your photos are so artistic and beautiful in my eyes... I am looking forward to your blogs both English and Japanese... Blessings!

  2. Thank you, whoever you are! I can assume who you are. (grin) Anyway, thank you for following me here, too. I try my best to keep this blog up-to-date.


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