Jack fruit Curry Rice

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Curry Rice is a typical Japanese food which is probably one of the most popular meals to be consumed in Japan. I assume that it came from India originally to Japan and it has evolved and thrived by changing its form to be more suitable to Japanese tastes.

Majority of Japanese uses the mix like this.

(It's an examle here, since there are so many types of curry mixes.)

It’s convenient and easy to make with curry mix like this. In Japan, one can find wide varieties of curry mixes at any super market.

This time, since I didn’t have a potato, I used a piece of jack fruit instead. I cut a jack fruit like this. And then, in a big pan, pour a tablespoon of oil, sauté 1 clove of garlic, sliced onions, big chunks of carrot, cut jack fruit, pork slices and red chili chunks all together.

( I cut smaller from here.)

Then add enough water to cover with grinded pepper. Skim as necessary and cook until everything is soft.

After that, stop cooking and add a proper amount of Japanese curry mix. In my case, I added some meat curry powder and coriander powder from Malaysia to spice it up. I usually sprinkle turmeric powder but I forgot this time. (In general, most of the Japanese may not add these spices.)


Not only that, depending on what one likes in Japan, we tend to make our own curry using some extra sauces. Like my mom, she likes to put a little soy sauce, ketchup and Ton katsu sauce (please see below photo) to enhance the flavor.


For me, I did put the same sauces as my mom who makes one of the most outstanding Japanese curry rice (at least I believe so. ). Besides that, after tasting my curry, I thought it was a bit sharp with spices, so I add some coconut milk.

Voila! It’s done. Usually the accompanied rice would be normal white rice. But I like to eat white rice with equal amount of red and black rice together.

For the side dish, I quickly cut up some cabbage, okra and Shiso leaves (Japanese green oregano-like herb) and rub with a scant amount of rock salt and rice vinegar and also Shio-koji (fermented rice paste with salt) for enhancing flavor.


(Here in Malaysia, I got this from "Ise-tan", the Japanese department store at Suria KLCC in KL.)

Shio-koji is all natural derived from rice and koji (malted rice). Its closer family is Sake which is made of rice, water and koji. The Japanese likes malt-fermented food like Natto (fermented beans), Miso (soy bean paste), soy sauce and Koji (malted rice) to name a few.


I love Indian curries, Thai curries and Rendang here in Malaysia. However once in a while, I desperately want to eat Japanese curry rice which can be a soul food for many Japanese people.  

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