On Our Wedding Anniversary

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September 1st this year was our 15th wedding anniversary. We tied a knot on that day 15 years ago in Paris. We just got married in the city hall witnessed by our friends and close family members back then, had a luncheon party at a restaurant where I used to work during my school days at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

It was a delightful moment which we shared with our loved ones. I was skinny enough to wear such a beautiful intricate French-designer-made dress on our special day. Lunch was really awesome since I knew the chef and everybody there.

Afterwards, we all changed our clothes, got on Bateau Mouches to sail on River Seine. We wanted to do something tourists would do in Paris. We later climbed on top of Tour Eiffel since my husband’s family lives in a sleepy village of southern west of France.  For most of the family members, it was a rare occasion to be in the capital. The year of 2001, we had a small ceremony in Paris and the following July, we had a big wedding in my husband’s hometown which lasted for 2 days.

But when we talk about our wedding, it is always September 1, 2001 when we wedded officially.

I still remember that my brother-in-law and I ran down from the top to bottom of Tour Eiffel racing down to bet which one would reach first to the ground on our wedding day leaving my gloom behind. With a few seconds difference, my brother-in-law won the race but back then, I also was young and in a good shape to be able to do such a foolish thing..

And after 15 years, we are still happily together moving more than five different countries so far from Europe and then Africa and to Asia. Next will be in America! Well, it’s a joke but it is the only continent we haven’t lived together as a married couple.

It would be nice to live there together, I assume.

For our special day this year, we didn’t plan anything fancy but I made a cake to celebrate. We are thinking of taking a short trip next month for our anniversary anyway. As for now, just a cake would do.

This is a Japanese version of strawberry short cake. Japanese love to eat this cake for any occasions in any time. I made this cake simply because I only had fresh cream and strawberries for garnish. The cake itself is easy to make because it’s a sponge cake.

I whipped whole eggs with sugar and honey until they have become thick and double in volume. And then I added cake flour followed by heated milk and unsalted butter. I baked the cake in a round cake mold.

Meanwhile, I prepared syrup with kirsch liqueur for brushing on sponge cake pieces later.

Once the sponge cake was done and became cool, I sliced the cake into three layers. I brushed the syrup on all three pieces. I spread the cream and placed strawberry slices on and covered them again with whipped cream. This procedure has been repeated twice ending up with placing a layer of sponge cake every time.

When it was done, the cake would be covered with softer whipped cream which I smoothed the surface with a palette knife. Then I piped out the remaining of cream and finished decorating with strawberries. For some strawberry halves, I made like hearts.

Inside was like this.

The sponge was soft and airy. Whipped cream was flavored with sugar and Kirsch. This simple Japanese strawberry shortcake is delightful!

We selfie-d ourselves cutting the cake like a newly-wed couple would do at their wedding reception. It was a giddy and happy moment even we have grown a little old and a bit tired. Happy anniversary for us!

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